7/8/9 July 2022


Yo yo!

Here are some more bands for you lovely people.

You already know about 65daysofstatic, Pulled Apart By Horses, Rolo Tomassi, The Xcerts, Johnny Foreigner, My First Tooth, Brontide, Turbowolf, Freeze the Atlantic, Marmozets, Run WALK!, Shapes, The Bronze Medal, Goodnight Lenin, The Cadbury Sisters, Sam Russo, Jason Steel and Sam Brookes.

And you will hopefully want to know about these 14 new bands we’ve booked for your listening pleasure… We Were Promised Jetpacks, Gallows (co-headlining the Cave with PABH), Dog is Dead, Sharks, Spycatcher, The Computers, Max Raptor, Gallops, Zico Chain, Bastions, Hymns, Rosa Valle, Harbour and Andy Oliveri.

Head over to our line up page to see where and when these acts are playing – and if you want to have a listen just click on the bands name.

As always, let us know what you think on FaceBook and Twitter. And get yo tickets here!


Rob, Mark, Bren, Andy, Si and James
Two Thousand Trees Festival

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