7/8/9 July 2022

3 weeks to go people… Giddy up


In today’s news…
– We return in 3 weeks today – Eeeep
– For Fans Of poster & Festival map to help you plan the best weekend of the year
– Free beer & burrito competition reminder
– AND Lettuce try & tempt you with our veggie vegan stalls (lettuce, geddit?) ? I’ll get my coat…

Hola – In 3 weeks today we open the gates to 2000trees & you can once again bask in the sunshine with an ice cold beverage, some of the best food on planet festival & of course watch your favourite, (or new favourite) bands.

With that in mind check out our For Fans Of poster & Festival map below to help you decide which of the amazing bands you’ve got to see.  For the unitiated, the For Fans Of poster is a list of all our bands, with a handy description of who they most sound like.  Written by the bands themselves it’s supposed to give you a quick guide on who to check out at 2000trees, based on your musical preferences. Capiche? It also has a map so you can get your bearings & plan where to camp in a few weeks time.

But before you check that out, don’t forget to have a ganders at our veggie vegan stalls below… (If you’re a meat eater check out our previous post here to see just some your food options so far). Beer & burrito competition reminder is right at the bottom of this post…? ??

We’ll see you in 3 weeks at Upcote Farm for the 11th edition of 2000trees. Whoop whooop.

Make sure you’ve got your tickets – they are very close to selling out, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

For Fans Of…

Here’s a few of our veggie-vegan stalls which we’re really excited to fill our bellies with…

Keep an eye out for one of our new food trader kids on the 2000trees block – Taste Tibet.

Named as one of the best budget street food/restaurants in Oxford by the Guardian, Taste Tibet has the ‘finest, freshest, most authentic Tibetan food this side of the Himalayas’. A hearty portion, full of delicious flavours to keep you going throughout 2000trees!!

Next up, an all round people pleaser and local to the festival itself – Funky Falafel.

Simple yet stunning festival grub – a menu that’s full of flavour and food which you can munch on whilst grooving to your fave band! Funky Falafel are sure to be popular with everyone, maybe even with the meat eaters (?!!)

How about No Horsing Around? Previously known as Cafe Razz, these guys are back and serving up their awesome veggie-vegan deliciousness!

The perfect treat to keep you going through 2000trees – Look at all that veggie goodness!! ALSO, you don’t have to worry about not finding these guys in their brand spanking new horse box. Why not give ’em a go this year?

These are just some of the amazing dedicated veggie-vegan food traders you can sample at 2000trees next month. HOWEVER, have no fear, the majority of traders will also have veggie options for you.

Next week we’ll be showcasing some of the sweet treats that you can have for breakfast, dessert or if you get a case of the late night munchies. ?



Free beer & burrito competition reminder


To get the world excited for 2000trees in 3 weeks time, share last year’s video below & 10 lucky people will win a case of ice cold Pistonhead lager & free burritos from Smokin Hot Tamales to enjoy at the festival.

Prize = 1 x ice cold case of Pistonhead & 4 burritos to share with your mates (or eat all yourself). Over 18’s only for the booze obvs.

To enter this week’s competition, simply share our latest video on Facebook HERE.


Click & SHARE the video on Facebook before Friday & 10 lucky ducks will win beer & burritos

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