7/8/9 July 2022

Band Announcement!

We are unbelievably excited to reveal that the 1st band announcement this year is the one & only Jamie Lenman who will be tearing up The Cave on Saturday night at 2000 Trees Festival! We are massive, massive fans, and we know you guys are too. I’m guessing everyone in Camp Reuben has pretty much just wet themselves right about now!? 

Plenty more where that came from! The Band Monkey has promised this year’s line up is going to be his best work yet. Next announcement will be next Wednesday 5th Feb…. and we’ll be sold out by the 6th  Get your tickets here while you can folks! Si

jamie lenman advert

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You only have 52 weekends a year, make sure the 7-9th July 2022 is a belter!