UPCOTE FARM - 11/12/13 JULY 2019

Ben marwood @2000trees

2000Trees 2018 was my ninth and probably the best yet. 

Thursday: caught up with Suzie (of Suzie’s) over a tea, made sure Pieminister are still making great pies (they are), rescued a sleepy elephant hawk moth from the floor of the main stage and then took a nap on the forest floor as Jonah Matranga played. The main stage set was one of the shortest half-hours of my life on a stage I could’ve happily spent another hour on, and I was thoroughly blown away by Marmozets on that stage later in the day. I’d been waiting to see them for a while. Excited, I went to find them backstage after my set and only remembered I’m not good with people as it was too late to stop bounding towards them. Spent a while chatting to their drummer who was ace. He mentions they’ve been in a band for a long time, but he is only 23. Sweet Jesus. Really enjoyed At The Drive-In and yelling the lyrics into my girlfriend’s face, little does she know I don’t know many of the words and am just yelping.

Friday, I had work. It was not a good day.

Saturday! Oh, Saturday. Back to the site for an interview with BBC Introducing alongside the handsome Ben Morse. My voice is ropey but has cleared up for my evening set. A lot of people are dressed like bees. I see the excellent Beans on Toast and Will Varley, both recently becoming fathers although Will assures us this was not deliberate synchronisation. Finally after all these years I see Skinny Lister live for the first time and it’s fun and busy. I’m yelling lyrics and I do genuinely know them this time. Backstage in the Forest I find a pine cone next to a hole, pop it in and cover it over, so in a few years the organisers will have to chop a tree down or amend the name. I let the crowd know this from the stage and then realise I have no idea how reproduction in pines works. Watch this space.

In other news, I checked in with the Safe Gigs For Women crew. They remain suitably excellent people fighting an obviously good cause. I have a White Russian and as the night descends, the silent disco comes alive and we bounce around until 3am to cool stuff.. and some Celine Dion. Unpredictable. Kudos to the organisers for another fun year.


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