7/8/9 July 2022


Yesterday we announced that 2000trees is going cashless this year & there were a few raised eyebrows on Twitter & Facebook.

So to allay any concerns you may (or may not) have please read on for a few responses to some questions raised on social media yesterday…

Firstly though, we just want to say a massive thanks to the 2,678 of you who’ve already registered your Playpass account – absolutely phenomenal uptake on day 1.  This will make the whole process so much easier for you guys & reduce queuing for you at the festival.  So bravo to you ?


Why cashless?

1) The reason we’re doing this is mainly because it’s quicker, safer & easier for everyone concerned. That includes you, our esteemed guests, bars, food traders & our stall holders.

Cash may seem easy to the person spending it, but it’s a right royal pain in the proverbials for us, our bars & our traders.  Firstly you have to get floats from the bank (who charge you through the nose).  All those coins required for change literally weigh a ton & then there’s the risk of the money going missing/ stolen.  All of these headaches are removed with cashless. But it’s also quicker, safer & easier for you guys.

What’s wrong with cash?

2) Cashless is simply safer than carrying cash for everyone on site.  If you lose your cash on the high street, it’s gone for good.  If you lose your wristband at 2000trees, simply tell one of our Top Up station staff ASAP & they’ll immediately cancel your old wristband and give you a new one with the amount of money you had remaining on your lost wristband.  Surely that’s got to be better than being stranded with zero cash?

£100 daily limit is simply not true. ? Spend as much (or as little) as you like!

3) The £100 a day limit only relates to the Competition prize! ? This does not apply to anyone else spending their own hard earned money.  You are of course welcome to buy as many beers & burritos as you like with your own money. We’re not here to judge ?

Is it cashless everywhere?

4) Yes. The whole site will be cashless, (except if you really want to Top Up your wristband with cash at a Top Up station).  There will be 6 Top Up stations dotted around the site. There will also be cash machines if you really want to withdraw cash to top up your wristband.

Silent disco deposits cashless?

5) Yep! Just like the old days, pay a £10 deposit with your wristband, then get the money back to your wristband when you return the headsets.  Any money left over at the end of the festival can be claimed back as a refund straight to your bank account.

Will there still be lockers & phone charging?

6) Yes.

Rumours of cashless not working at other events.

7) AKA The Download 2015 question. Ours is a completely different system to the one used at Download in 2015 & you may have noticed 2000trees is a little smaller than Download.  Also that was 3 years ago and technology in general has developed a lot in 3 years, particularly regarding cashless systems.

Cashless festivals are now very much the norm in continental Europe & the USA, and we are convinced that using this widespread technology will result in a better festival experience for everyone.

The Playpass system does not have any single point of failure. It will sync across the site with all the traders/ bars & what’s more wifi is not required to spend money.  If you need to top up your wristband over the weekend, there will be 6 Top Up stations, all of which have their own dedicated (private) wifi network. We’re confident that this dedicated cashless wifi network will work uninterrupted all weekend because we have trialled (private) festival wifi for the last 3 years & it has proven itself to be reliable. Yes, the public wifi sometimes struggles with the weight of traffic, but this is why we also have a private network for cashless.

The public wifi can be used to top up with your phone in a wifi area if you so wish.

However if you select Auto Top Up now, you won’t have to worry about finding a Top Up station or wifi, it will automatically top up when your wristband gets low.  It simply tops up, by the amount you pre-selected on registration, the next time you try to pay for something.

Topping up with cash or cards on site?

8) Yes you can top up with cash or cards at a Top Up station. But why would you want to queue to do that, when you can do it in advance? Preload your account now, select auto top up then you don’t have to worry about topping once you’re on site.

What about refunds?

9) No problem! You can get all your unspent money refunded, by clicking on the playpass link which we’ll send out after the festival.  Yes there’s a £1 charge to do this.  This is because humans need to process these refunds & unfortnately humans cost money.  You will be able to request a refund from the Tuesday after 2000trees.

In all seriousness, we massively appreciate how much you love 2000trees & the last thing we want to do is upset even a single one of you.  That said, we’re super confident that this will revolutionise festivals of the future & we’re super dooper confident that it will be a massive sucess at 2000trees, otherwise we wouldn’t have signed up for it.

Our final bit of advice is…

1) Register now (link below)
2) Put some money on your account before the festival &
3) Select auto top up so you won’t need to worry about topping up or running out of cash.

This way you won’t have to queue at a Top Up station & you can just keep the party in full swing all weekend long.

Register with PlayPass today

Any other questions please feel free to hit reply to this email & we’ll try and help you out.

See here for more in depth FAQs

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