7/8/9 July 2022

Countdown to 2000trees is on

Some important things to remember… Please read


You’ll be pleased to know that Upcote farm has been bathing in sunshine for the last few weeks. Now the arena field is, as the Aussies say…  “as dry as a dead dingo’s donger”.  Because of this we’re so far ahead of schedule we may just spend the next week in a hammock sipping Mai Tais waiting for you all to turn up!

The last remaining tickets are available online so tell your mates to pull their fingers out by sharing this on Facebook! If you want to come to 2000trees we suggest you get your tickets ASAP as we really are scraping the barrel now!

And before you get all excited and drunk there are just a few very important things to remember before leaving the house. Please read on…

OPENING TIMES: – the doors open at 1pm on Thursday for Early Entry Ticket holders only. If you have a standard weekend ticket then you will not be allowed through our hallowed gates until 8am Friday. Please DON’T turn up earlier – we will not let you in!

BAND START TIMES: – bands start at 4pm on Thursday and midday on Friday & Saturday.

ID: – if you look under 25 and want to be served alcohol at the bar then you must bring an official form of ID (passport, photo driver’s licence, Prove It card etc).

FORBIDDEN ITEMS: – as a condition of our license you cannot bring glass, fireworks or chinese lanterns onto the site.  Under 18’s aren’t allowed to bring alcohol onto the site (we don’t make the law – yet).  And unfortunately under 18’s with alcohol will have it confiscated.

DIRECTIONS:Click here for directions and transport information (including details of the shuttle bus from Cheltenham train station, which you can book here for £6 return).

BBQs & BONFIRES: – small disposable BBQs are cool, but as a condition of our license bonfires are unfortunately not allowed.

LITTER: – Our beautiful festival field for the other 362 days of the year is home to a load of sheep.  They’ve told us that they don’t like to eat cigarette butts, cans or tents!!! So please put all your litter in the bins provided & take your tents home with you.  Just imagine you had to eat off that ground after the festival!

Recycling facilities will be available so please please please use them.
Unhappy sheep = Unhappy farmers = No more festival!!!

LOCKERS:– please ensure that you either leave your valuables at home or use our lockers!  Unfortunately some people like the look of your valuables more than you and believe it or not tents are not that secure!

More info is available on our website here.

Get Ready. Get set. Go!

Make sure you bring your sun tan lotion, this year is going to kick last year’s sorry behind!

Rob, Mark, Bren, Andy, Si and James
Two Thousand Trees Festival

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