7/8/9 July 2022



In June 2020, we launched our “Keep the Dream Alive” Crowdfunder campaign. We were really fortunate to have so much support from so many loyal Trees fans and as a result of you legends we were able to emerge from the pandemic ready to party!

So massive thanks to everyone who contributed.

If you supported us and need some information about your pledge, you’re in the right place. Please see below for more details.

If you need help with your pledge on site at the festival, please visit Festival Reception and we’ll be able to help you from there in person.


Anyone who pledged towards the cashback/ticket vouchers should have been contacted after the Crowdfunder and would have received a unique discount code. The discount code can be entered into our Eventbrite site and redeemed against tickets of your choice. If you need to purchase more than one ticket with your code, let us know via tickets@twothousandtreesfestival.co.uk and we can amend the code.

These discount codes can be used towards 2023 but please notify us before the 2022 festival.


Anyone who pledged towards a bar/beer voucher will have received an email via Eventbrite. These will appear as a ticket on Eventbrite and once you arrive at site, you’ll be able to load these onto your cashless wristband at the Playpass office. If you have loaded your wristband with cash before the festival or on arrival, all bar vouchers/credit will be used as a first priority before your actual cash you load onto your wristband.


All merchandise (t-shirts/hoodies/wristbands/prints) was distributed after the Crowdfunder ended in 2020 and has been sent to the address attached to the pledge.


Everyone who pledged towards a ticket for life have been sent their ticket to the email they used to pledge & you should get the same ticket annually.


All Wednesday Early Arrival tickets can be found in your Eventbrite account (also sent via email). If you pledged towards a t-shirt/hoodie you will have also received a Wednesday ticket.


Everyone who pledged towards a food voucher should have been contacted before the festival. The name of the food trader to which you pledged will be displayed on your Crowdfunder confirmation. All food traders have the details of anyone who pledged. Simply let the food trader know your name and order from them in person.


You guys were all contacted in May 2022 so we could collect your toilet queue jump photos which will be displayed on the toilets.

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