7/8/9 July 2022


Carbon balancing festival travel with Ecolibrium 

We’re working with UK charity Ecolibrium to tackle the environmental impacts from our audience travel – these are typically the biggest contributor to an event’s carbon footprint, making up to 80% for the average festival in the UK!

When you buy a vehicle pass for 2000 Trees we’ll donate £3 to Ecolibrium to help balance or ‘offset’ the carbon emissions from your fossil fuel miles (approximately 300 miles driven in an average car) – Ecolibrium will then invest 100% of this donation into projects that create clean renewable energy. You can also use the Ecolibrium Travel Calculator to work out the emissions from your unique journey and balance them with a small donation. 

Ecolibrium works with 50 of the UK’s favourite festivals, as well as artists and event suppliers. Since 2015 they have balanced over 13 million travel miles, with donations helping to power wind turbines in India with the Converging World and funding community solar power with Bristol Energy Co-op, funded a community-owned wind-turbine in the Forest of Dean, helped UK homeowners install Solar PV systems on their roofs to feed the grid with renewable energy and contributed to Solar for Schools – a project that helps UK schools install solar panels as well as teaching the children about the benefits of clean energy. 

Find out more at www.ecolibrium.earth

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