9/10/11 July 2020

Mallory Knox

The Cave ThursdayThe Main Stage Friday

Mallory Knox, like their Natural Born Killers namesake, are on the rampage. Wrestling free of the restraints that bound them over the first two albums – inexperience, self-doubt, a restricting reverence to their heroes and a reputation as rock’s latest nice guys – they’re laying bare their souls, kicking at their boundaries, savaging their sound and expanding their worldview. And becoming, in the process, the vital voice of the modern rock generation; damaged, informed, driven,torn between happiness and hedonism and utterly, utterly wired.

“Our old sound doesn’t represent what we get out of music or what we were putting into those songs,” says guitarist Joe Savins. “We’re proud of the songs but the way we delivered them maybe had the reins on. Now it feels completely free.”

Check them out at: malloryknox.com/

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