7/8/9 July 2022

Random fun, lunges and a paddling pool, by Jodie Haynes

This ‘Access All Areas’ blog is written by superfan Jodie Haynes, who appears to specialise in random adventures, lunging at strangers and having lots of fun – which is what 2000trees is all about!

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Happy reading Treers! Andy


2000trees is all the best bits of Glastonbury, none of the bad bits and a fair few bonuses thrown in.

2010 – Popping the cherry…

At my first 2000trees I fashioned an “I love beans on toast” sign out of a BBQ box and charcoal, which led to him inviting me on stage. Thankfully for all members of the audience (and their ears) I declined.

My beautiful picture

I also dressed as a peacock. I saw Frank Turner turn me from a fan into a mild obsessive.

The Subways rocked the main stage, led by Billy clambering most of the way to the top of the stage. Chris TT and Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun converted me to their folk rock ways. I watched a guy called Ben Marwood, realised I was stood next to Frank Turner singing his heart out to the wonderfulness that is “singalong”… and I was hooked.

2012 – The things that only happen at 2000 trees…

Making friends with people who covered us with a groundsheet at the main stage in torrential rain and invited us to shelter in the safe haven of a not-two-man-tent. Ben Marwood rocked the Greenhouse stage. A ‘random’ running up excitedly and shouted “lunge” at me… I had definitely lunged with half of 2000trees on Friday.

Bristol’s favourite Gaz Brookfield singing the West Country Song along with everyone in the audience. The piece de resistance – at the end of the Silent Disco, dressed as a Mario kart, complete with spanners and moustache, I did a victory dive into the mud much to the confusion of everyone around… it was intentional. Ambling home (to tents) at 3am Sunday morning with a half disintegrated kart covered head to toe in mud with my friend Luigi, we bump into a confused looking Jim Lockey, who I ran up to and hugged, covering him in mud too – sorry Jim!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 2013 – The year of the sun….

Instead of wellies, ponchos and leggings, we had the smallest paddling pool in the world, water pistols and the cast of The Never Ending Story. Frank and Max Raptor blew our minds on Friday at the Cave. My friend’s Festival Elderflower Company were on fire (thankfully not quote literally).

Friday’s line up could not have been more perfect. Pants over his trousers, more ‘rock’ per person than any other act in the world – Oxygen Thief, Jim Lockey with full band – and acoustic – double whammy. Living a life of luxury, taking it in turns to sit with just our bums in the miniscule paddling pool enjoying a cider or three. Crowns filling the main stage with Cornish love. Ben “main stage” Marwood, again watched from the sidelines by Frank, and of course Frank Turner himself… and who’d of thought, something as simple as Rock ‘n’ Roll would save us all? True words.

Through the Trees grape vine, where in the space of one drunken weekend befriending everyone you meet, we heard of an acoustic wonderland for everyone who was not quite ready for bed, fairy lights, acoustic performers… I don’t think I dreamt it?

Saturday – the hottest festival day in the world ever, my friend and I don a large piece of pink fur and insulating bubble wrap, a papier mache head, supported by our crew of – Stupid Bat, Atrieu, Empress, Artax to be Falcor of The Never Ending Story (plus one Marty McFly). We spend most of the day circling the main stage singing Never Ending story on repeat – sorry all.

Fight Like Apes provided the punchy, lyrical genius that we needed to push on through that last evening. Sitting outside the Leaf Lounge for a quick moment of recovery Stealing Sheep took over, leading a trail of eclectic musical madness back into the Leaf Lounge….with us all in hot pursuit.

2014 – The year of….

My predictions are:

More sun – sun suits Trees so well.

Finding more awesome new bands and becoming more devoted to the old ones.

Ben Marwood – main stage

And more ridiculously inappropriate fancy dress

See you there!


Jodie Haynes is 29 and lives in Bristol. She is addicted to travelling but cannot miss 2000trees… Her favourite acts are Frank turner, Ben Howard, Jim Lockey, Ben Marwood, Gaz Brookfield and Sean McGowan.


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