7/8/9 July 2022


Yo Robots, Ninjas & Cowboys!

We are writing this from a very tired but elated 2000trees Towers. Thanks sooooooo much to everyone who came and made 2000trees Version 5 a serious party.

While we’re taking down the fencing, picking up the litter and cleaning the toilets, please hit us up on facebook and let us know what you thought. We’d love to see your photos and videos too.

Now for those competitions we were talking about… there are two now so read on.

Competition 1…
There was a time that we all made photo albums or scrapbooks of our escapades, and wrote them in by hand. Well not anymore my friends.

We’ve teamed up with The Witnesser.com to provide a place where you can tell your tales of adventure (along with photos and videos). There’s loads of stuff on there already from last year’s festival, and we hope you’ll reveal even more of your exploits this year. Take a look at our very own festival pagewww.thewitnesser.com/channels/2000trees and have a look around.

So head over to TheWitnesser.com add your thoughts on the festival and the best one will win a TICKET FOR LIFE!!!! A.MAY.ZING!

TheWitnesser.com is a brand new site designed for a community of people to share events and stories. So when you want to share your story to more than just your mates, this is the perfect place to do it.

Once you’re on TheWitnesser.com simply register and create your story. If you’ve put your photos on Flickr or your videos on YouTube, you can add those to your stories too. You can also share on Facebook, Twitter or wherever, so the whole world can see just what a fabulous time you’ve had.

Competition 2
Please fill in our festival survey so we can better understand what you think of us and how we can improve things… it’s only 10 questions, will only take a couple of minutes and if you do, one lucky winner will also get a TICKET FOR LIFE!!! Get the survey here

Tickets are now on sale for next year’s 2000trees by clicking here. They’re at this year’s price don’t you know? We’re nice like that.

We. Love. You. All. Now someone find us a darkened room!

Rob, Mark, Bren, Andy, Si and James
Two Thousand Trees Festival

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