7/8/9 July 2022


Alright eager beavers!?

We’ve had loads of messages in the last couple of weeks asking us exactly when and where we’ll be releasing the ticket link next Monday (30th Jan)…

Well, because our cheap tickets sold out in under an hour last year (and every single weekend ticket sold out within 3 months), we’re expecting a bit of a rush. For this reason, and to try and reward our most loyal fans, we’re going to post the ticket link up an hour ahead of the “official” 9am opening time. So at 8am on Monday the link will be on our Facebook “event” page. Feel free to share the event with your friends!

So see you bright and early next Monday! And if the website crashes or is slow then please keep trying – our web monkey will be awake bright and early to make sure it’s back up asap!

Much love

Rob, Mark, Bren, Andy, Si and James
Two Thousand Trees Festival

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You only have 52 weekends a year, make sure the 7-9th July 2022 is a belter!