7/8/9 July 2022

What’s that coming over the hill, is it a Big Scary Monster?

Some of the finest, most inspiring bands to grace the 2000trees stages over the years have been on the roster of Big Scary Monsters Records – and 2014 is no exception!

Here BSM owner Kevin Douch explains why he believes 2000trees is the most refreshing alternative to the same old mainstream events and how his own adventures at Upcote Farm are going to be the best yet next month… do you agree? We do!

Limited tickets are still available for this year’s extravaganza – get involved!

Cheers, Andy

Big Scary Monsters 3

I’m almost embarrassed to say that 2014 will only be my third visit to 2000trees. Thankfully our bands have been visiting for a lot longer than that and I’m yet to find anyone with a bad word to say about the festival, the team, or The Big Lebowski!

My two years at Upcote Farm are both underpinned by one repeating struggle: the weather. We all remember the rain of 2012. By far the muddiest festival I’ve ever been to, I remember sitting at our merch stall in the bar tent on the Saturday morning, waiting for it to open whilst watching the river of mud flow steadily past and thinking to myself “can I just piss in a bottle here? I’m never going to leave this seat again!”

Big Scary Monsters 1

2013 couldn’t have been more different yet, somehow, exactly the same. This time the scorching heat made it the hottest UK festival I’ve ever attended and once again, sitting in the same place, this time trying to find a moment’s breeze, staring at the solid, dusty ground before me, bottle in hand, wondering “is this ok? It’s so hot out there.” The thing is, neither of these experiences were anywhere close to putting me off the festival, the exact opposite in fact.

The spirit of camaraderie and determination between organisers and punters to not let Mother Nature ruin their weekend was incredible. Come rain or shine, everyone was there to have fun and nothing was going to stop that.

Main stage 2010  - Photographer D.Meason

Festivals are a big part of what makes a band tick. From the moment they form, the dream of playing on a big stage to thousands of people is what gets them through the expensive rehearsals, toilet circuit disaster shows and difficult recording sessions. 2000trees, above many others, offers that chance. It doesn’t matter to the Trees team whether you’re a multi-platinum selling artist or someone who only formed six months ago with a demo recorded in your mate’s bedroom. If you have a set of good songs and a willingness to have fun (and maybe a love for west country cider), you’ll be considered. It’s as simple as that. No music industry bullshit, no “you scratch my back” favours, no ticket selling demands, you just need to be good at what you do. We have an increasing problem in this country with a lack of festival headline bands. New artists aren’t being given a chance to develop to that stage meaning old bands get recycled year upon year leaving events like Reading and Leeds more of a constant deja vu than a base to discover your new favourite band. 2000trees is the refreshing alternative.

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It’s not just the bands who dream of festivals. From the days of jumping straight on the bus from a tiny Oxfordshire village after picking up exam results, calling my parents with the bad news en route to another muddy field was a part of my upbringing and a huge factor in making me want to work in music. I would spend hours researching the lineup and then browsing the various merch stalls upon arrival. Now, all these years later, I’m on the other side of the counter and it’s a constant joy to meet so many new people there. We’ve been lucky enough to have a stall inside of the main bar tent of the festival the past two years, alongside our brothers in Alcopop and Blood And Biscuits, where we’ve had the pleasure of many peoples company to discuss the best performances of the day, beautiful vinyl, slightly illegal t-shirt designs, and the festival in general. The fact that James, the founder and man tasked with overseeing the running of the whole event, has been our biggest customer each of the previous years further reinforces how passion and love for music is the absolute backbone of this weekend.

With a number of awesome bands already announced (including BSM alumni Tall Ships, Gnarwolves and Dad Rocks, of course) I have no doubt this will be another wonderful year in the life of 2000 Trees festival and I look forward to discovering some awesome new music and sharing a few ciders with you all over the merch stall this July!

(For the record, I’m still yet to piss in a bottle at 2000trees)


Big Scary Monsters Records’ roster includes La Dispute, Minus The Bear, Tall Ships, Kevin Devine, Gnarwolves, Cursive, Andrew WK, Pulled Apart By Horses and many more. Check them out at www.bsmrocks.com, on Twitter/Instagram @bsmrocks, and at www.facebook.com/bigscarymonsters


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