7/8/9 July 2022

Working at 2000trees is fun, by Courtney Mortimer

This isn’t a job reference, but Courtney is one of the best volunteers I have worked with. Abundant energy and enthusiasm, a love of life, good conversation, fun times, and easily turning her hand to a multitude of tasks.

This is Courtney’s ‘Access All Areas’ story of working on the main stage last year.

If you would like to volunteer after reading this, please email: stewards@twothousandtreesfestival.co.uk

Enjoy! Andy

Vounteers 2013

I fell in love with festivals at Glastonbury 2009 and since then I have been to a fair few. So it was no surprise to anyone when in 2013 I took the two-and-a-half-month summer holiday from my Stage Management Degree to work on nine consecutive festivals.

I worked in a variety of exciting and challenging roles such as Artist Liaison, Stage Crew, Scenic Construction and Site Setup and Breakdown. When I came back from my trip everyone asked me which festival was my favourite and while I can’t answer that, one that will always be high on my list is 2000trees.

I knew very little about 2000trees and didn’t really have any experience setting up for live music when I emailed James about working there, so when I got an email back saying ‘come along’ and telling me I would be doing Stage Crew on the main stage, I was terrified. Excitement won me over though, especially when I looked at the line up and saw how amazing the programming for the main stage was!

In addition to being on the Stage Crew for the days of the festival, I also decided to go and help with the set-up, so I rocked up on the Monday evening, straight from the last festival, and met a group of some of the most awesome people. I was scared about turning up to a festival where I didn’t know anyone but I felt so welcomed by everyone.

2013-06-29 17.46.27 

The next few days were really enjoyable. I helped with some finishing touches to the site, like putting vinyl on the bars and a lot of painting (which I am rubbish at) and come Wednesday night everyone was just about ready for the festival to begin, including me. As there is nothing on the main stage on Thursday I got some time to enjoy the festival but I was more excited to get working on Friday.

A lot of people think that working backstage at a festival consists of chatting to artists and not much else, and while you do get to chat to some of the artists it’s also a lot of hard work too.

You have to work as a team to decide on the best plan to get one artist and their gear dismantled and off stage while getting another on stage in the short time between acts. If you don’t keep scheduling, it causes problems because not only are you keeping people waiting, you’re also cutting into artist sets.

2000trees was a great opportunity to learn how backstage at festivals works, and the Main Stage crew and Stage Manager ended up being a pretty well-oiled machine.

Working on a stage also meant that I ended up finding some interesting new music to listen to, including Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun and a band called This Town Need Guns who have a hilarious stage tech spec and a really interesting stage set up.

Seeing and setting up for all this new music was great but secretly I was very excited to be setting up the stage for Frank Turner. Headliners often have a completely different set up to all the other bands on the stage, they often bring their own sound and lighting desks, and as a little bit of a geek I was very interested in what they were bringing.

Courtney and Frank

Frank’s set was amazing and I couldn’t resist getting a picture once we were all loaded out for the night.

Working at 2000trees was some of the most fun I had all summer, I got to work with a great team all weekend while doing what I love to do.

Bring on this year’s festival!


Courtney will be graduating in Stage Management from the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in July.

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